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Barry Spanier

Barry Spanier

Barry Spanier became involved with sailing

in 1956 and windsurfing in 1979. His designs have been used to set world speed records, and powered one sailor to a dozen consecutive PWA World Championships.

Now the full circle, the love of voyaging,

a sail loft, and a needy but solid vessel

keep the days full. 


Jim and Randy Coon of Trilogy Excursions, knew who to ask when they wanted to open up Maui’s only full service, ground floor sail loft. West Maui Sail & Canvas was born. Check it out! www.westmauisailandcanvas.com

The Bare Chronicles

**  It's 1969, you're 23, and live in a container on Pier 62 in San Francisco, and you're building from plans you bought for $34.00.
**  You launch the Seminole, with no electricity or head, and sail out of the Golden Gate Bridge for Mexico, Hawaii and Tahiti.
**  You spend many lazy afternoons

with Bernard Moitessier at his island home

on Ahe' in the Tuomotus.
**  You leave New Zealand on the Seminole in the middle of winter with three new friends, only to find yourself two nights later on a deserted island with nothing. Now what?

"When you're naked and you've really got nothing, you're not sitting there thinking about big things, you're thinking about how you're going to get warm."

SV Cornelia & CSA

SV Cornelia is a 1974 Westsail 42.  Bought in 2009 and named after Barry's 102 year old mother, Cornelia Spanier,  Barry has completed 4 haulouts, rig replacement, installed a  new bowsprit,  engine overhaul, complete interior renovations and  electrical rewiring, deck resurfacing, new dodger and new awning; new mainsail tracks....and more.

 Commercial Sail Associates (CSA) was formed to encourage shipment of product by sailing vessels, saving on fossil fuels. 

"Sailing  ships are powered by an energy source free of direct cost,  political control, and pollution, and is available in unlimited supply.  Escalating oil prices will continue, and costly “efficiency” improvements on existing cargo delivery systems will never result in stabilized costs for us, the users of the service, as long as ships burn oil."
Barry Spanier 

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