Built in September 1974 - she is 43 this year!

SV Cornelia

The transformation

We purchased the 1974 Westsail 42 in 2009.  It needed alot of work. The first item on the agenda was to change the name to SV Cornelia, named after Barry's mother, who turned 102 this year (2017).  Both Cornelia and her namesake have an elegance and maturity that only comes with age. Both love to go sailing.

Bit by bit

Barry takes you through the various stages of repair.  From 4 haulouts, a rig replacement, installing a  new bowsprit,  engine overhaul, complete interior renovations and  electrical rewiring, deck resurfacing, new dodger and new awning; new mainsail tracks....and more.  

                       Have a look at the sections below for pics of the transformation - 

              Deck       Rails       Awning       Dodger    Engine Room       Interior       Rig

Any questions?

If you have a question for Barry about the Westsail 42, or anything else for that matter, let us know.