"Forty years ago, I met Patrick Humbert while walking the docks in Alawai Harbor. In a few moments, we became shipmates and he helped me passage the Seminole from Hawaii to French Polynesia, and through the pass into the lagoon of Ahe’, a tiny, remote atoll on the fringe of the Northern Tuamotu Archipelago. 

His ‘neighbor’ on Motu PoroPoro was Bernard Moitessier. For me, it was sort of like visiting one of the gods of voyaging, and the island and its character were etched in my memory. 

Ahe’ is only about ten miles by eight miles, with barely any land above ten feet, with the circle of motus broken by shallow inlets, no roads, no cars. All transport is by small boat.  A tiny store in the village, the airstrip with its little bar, and isolated homesteads mean life there is always on the edge. The feeling is as if you are literally in the middle of the sea (you are!), days have the sun from horizon to horizon and the nights are a dome of stars. Ahe’ is a rugged and demanding paradise.

Kamoka is much more than a ‘pearl farm’. It is an idea manifested and continuing through more than twenty-five years to bring the beauty of the place to the world in the form of rare ‘black’ pearls, that are not black, but instead are every hue of the rainbow, swirling in silver and smoke. The pearls begat the means to create the magical ‘farm’ on the coral head, the scattered ‘fares’ ashore, and the beginnings of free energy systems of all sorts. I can describe the feeling as a creative vortex.

You may never be among the few souls who experience or understand the energy of Kamoka, in the vortex of isolation and challenge, but you can participate, relate, and directly support the continuation of the atoll dream through the purchase of pearls or the clever adornments created by the artisans who live for the farm.  Barry Spanier                                                                                           

All proceeds from sale of the pearls go to Kamoka Pearl Farm.

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Ahe', Tuamoto French Polynesia



Kamoka Pearl Farm is located in the remote Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia.

For over 25 years, this tiny motu and pearl farm have been home to a tribe of ocean loving sea gypsies, pirates and mermaids, living in harmony with nature and working to sustain the uniquely challenging  and rewarding atoll lifestyle. 

Their small gardens and plentiful coconut groves provide nutrition, but the ocean tide is the atoll's true life source, filling their lagoon with fish, nourishing the Pearl oysters, and creating an exotic underwater world for all to explore and enjoy.

We hope you find a treasure from Kamoka that will become your own piece of paradise. Every item is made with love.  All pearls are sustainably cultured, harvested and carved by Kamoka Pearl Farm.

Unique and Individual


Each pearl is unique, rich in color, varying from a deep black, to dark blue, purple, grey, silver and white.  

The pearls require a great deal of care while they grow in the oyster shells, sometimes up to 5 or 6 years before being harvested.

The waters at Ahe' are very pure, full of oxygen and nutrients for the pearls to grow.

The Ahe' lagoon is rich in fish and sea life, all encouraging the Kamoka Pearls to be of the finest in French Polynesia.

The Kamoka Pearl Farm has been cultivating & harvesting pearls for over twenty-five years.  

The perfect gift!


There are a variety of pearls to choose from - earrings, necklaces, a string of pearls, bracelets; smooth, baroque or hand carved, or loose pearls. A perfect gift for a loved one, family or friends.

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discuss what is the right fit for you!

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings


Choose from a wide selection of necklaces in smooth, baroque or hand carved pearls, delicately attached to black or tan string.

Hand carved pearls


The intricate designs carved into 

each pearl are completely unique.  

You will never find two alike.

Smooth Pearls


The quality of the pearl is determined by the smoothness, consistency of color and roundness and the size.  When they are perfectly round, perfectly smooth - with no blemishes; and the larger they are, the more valuable they are.

Kamoka Farm is renowned for their quality of pearls, both in color, roundness, smoothness and size.







The Four Agreements


Be impeccable with your word 

Don’t make any assumptions

Don’t take anything personally

Always do your best



For over 40 years, Kamoka has received many people 

from all over the world, coming to work or visit this magical 

place.  Some impressions were left on the wall.  


Barry Spanier went to Ahe' for the first time in the mid 70's, thus began a long friendship with Patrick Humbert.

If you want to know more about his adventures with Patrick as they sailed from Hawaii to Ahe', you'll find them in Barry's book,           "Dear Mom, The Bare Chronicles".


To live content with small means 

TO seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement 

rather than fashion. 

TO be worthy, not respectable and wealthy, not rich. 

TO study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly. 

TO listen to stars and birds, babies and sages with an open heart. 

TO bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never. 

TO let your spirituality grow through the assocatiion 

with your fellow man. 

This is to live my symphony of LIFE!