One of the great sailing adventures....


"If you hold on to a dream..."

"If you hold on to a dream and work towards it, someday it will really happen."

You're twenty-three, have plans for building your boat, a place to build it - what's stopping you!

"Then she was there..."

"Then she was there.  the woman on the silver bicycle in the leopard skin bikini, the one with the copper hair, green eyes, ivory armband, and the huge chunk of amber dangling along with a small leather juju sack around her neck.  I entered another realm of conscience."

Your wife left you, what were you to do?

"We were about as far as you can get from any land on the planet."

..."off our starboard beam was a large whale, perhaps as long as the boat.  It had taken a position alongside, about 20 feet from our rail. One enormous left eye was looking at us, scanning from bow to stern."

"Bernard Moitessier's Joshua was clear in the distance...."

"and our little engine carried us those last miles before we dropped anchor a hundred yards from shore.  Bernard was already rowing out to greet us."

"The past cannot dictate the present and the future cannot be seen."

"Chattering from hypothermia and mild shock as well, we had no choice but to get down into the water and move along the base of the cliff, a jagged sheer face with no trail or footholds."

"From deep in my guts I conjured up a horrendous scream.."

"...a primal howl of anguish, a curse at whatever forces had put me where I was."

Barry Spanier's book, The Bare Chronicles,  is one of the greatest sailing adventure books available!