Cornelia, 99 years old, sailing her namesake.
Bought in 2009, Barry has completed 3 haulouts, rig replacement, installed a new bowsprit,  engine overhaul, complete interior renovations and electrical rewiring, deck resurfacing, new dodger and new awning.


     SV Cornelia

Westsail 42, built in 1974



 "Seventy five percent of the planet is wet.  Sail across an ocean in a small boat and the vastness of it will stun you into  the realization of our insignificance.  All life on Earth is completely dependent on this watery covering. Yet most of humanity lives outside this recognition, never considering its importance to our survival or seeking much knowledge beyond superficial awareness."
Barry Spanier

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For over ten years Barry Spanier worked working with Robert Masters of Master Communication, and the late Richard M. Sword PhD, to create, a free source of audio visual psychology for stress relief and personal improvement.

The Lifehut website has been created for people to experience their relaxation media on-line, anywhere, anytime.  There is no fee or registration requirement to experience this media for your own personal use. 

Lifehut is a Hawaiian company based on the island of Maui. Their focus is to help people cope with the negative mental effects which often accompany the experience of a traumatic situation. Regardless of whether the stress is brought on as a result of a natural disaster, war, or by other means, their aim is to provide international aid organizations, mental health practitioners, corporations and the general public, with relaxing audio and video media for people in stressful situations. 
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