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For th
ose of you who have read Barry's book, Dear Mom, The Bare Chronicles, Claudette Haener, Barry's wife and friend who built the Seminole with him and then sailed to Mexico and onto Hawaii with him, passed away..  She provided several pictures for The Bare Chronicles, so knew about it, however she didn't get to see the completion of the book.  We would like to honor her
at this time.  

Barry wrote a letter to her on January 8th, 2008 when she was hospitaliz
and dealing with her condition. 

entered into rest August 9, 2009.
Dear Claudette,
I know it's been a long time since we've talked.  This is all about you. 
I want you to know that I'll never forget.....ever. 
Those two cute girls I picked up hitchhiking. 
Oatmeal and raisins under the bridge.
You climbing on my motorcycle with your bag.
Your enthusiasm for the crazy adventure.
How you loved Scuzz.
Cooking on the Coleman in the container.
Living in the hull and sweeping up shavings before bedtime.
Big Mike, Tony, Red, Whompus and all the others who loved us.
Getting the crabs.
Our first night floating.
How good you were on board.
How much you loved me when I didn't deserve it.
The Moron Block and Tackle Choir.
Your tattoo.
Seeing you with your foot palms on your head.
Riding the train to Tepic.
Christmas in Mexico
Sailing and living naked.
Living on fruits and nuts.
Laughing about things that could have been more serious.
You standing up to me in the middle of the Pacific after the sheets fouled the prop.
Weeks of downwind fun.
Approaching Maui in the giant squall, filling the cockpit.
Your extra fine vegetarian cooking.
Starlit nights, at anchor.
How you loved and still love my Mom.
Dealing with Malcolm.
The way you always just pitched in and got it done....sanding, painting (you were real good), and varnishing....even better.
How our friends loved you for making them laugh.
For doing what was in your heart and sticking to it.
For believing in me even when we had nothing and there didn't seem to be a way.
Your faith in the Holy Spirit to keep us together and healthy.
The Day you left.
Your giant heart that so many love.

I don't know where this is going or how it got to here, but I do know that Claudette Laura Fain dove in, stuck with the gangley hippie bum, did things that few will ever do, cared and loved, and had to go.  My life has been greater for it and is filled with joyous memories of our time together.

It is quiet here in Hawaii....afternoon light, birds singing, dog is worn out, sleeping. 
It will rain soon and I like the sound as it pounds the roof.

I don't know much about what's going on sometimes.  It is just life asking us to bear more and try to understand.  Prayers and thoughts fly forth, life goes on all around.  Time and space are just human fantasies.  But I do know a thing. 

I never forget you....ever.  And I always pray you forgive me for everything I didn't do, and the things I did.  I wish you aloha and say mahalo friend, wife, love Claudette.  Bless you in your challenge and peace be in your life.

Tears and love,

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Diane Krieger said:   February 20, 2010 10:03 pm PST
Hoping you're making good headway on the boat ... bringing out it's potential to carry you into more of what life holds out there. The journey itself is a huge blessing in itself. Love the book, the journey and both of you! Aloha!

Fred Rossman said:   December 27, 2009 6:50 pm PST
Denise loaned me your book. I am not finished as yet but I love it. I to am drawn to the sea and it's folk like you who make it move ahead for us with your books about your experiences. Your mother did a wonderful thing. And Claudette,wow,,, and how you honored her. You are great, now if you will just tell me which book of Bernards has the instructions for the canvas shoes..... ;-) I will be very contented until the snow melts and I can get back to the Loon. Fred

Tom Southern said:   December 25, 2009 11:39 am PST
Reading the letter to Claudette that you shared with us, alone made purchasing the book worth the price. But I still want to read it! The suspense is killing me. Waiting patiently, with Aloha Tom Southern

Sunny Moritz said:   November 30, 2009 11:53 pm PST
Aloha Berry, Your vision and drive to follow your heart is a lesson to us all. Every young person should read and digest your passion for life. Your heart felt letter to Claudette is every woman's wish, to be so loved and appreciated. Keep living the adventure. You inspire me to write, but my adventures pale compared to yours. Mahalo, Sunny Moritz

John Williams said:   September 12, 2009 2:22 am PST
I enjoyed the book. The sinking of the Seminole was an exciting piece of "truth stranger than fiction". The grainy pictures tempted me into wanting to see more. I also wanted to know how the windsurf sail making came about but suppose that will have to be the next book?

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